UNL Husker Values:

UNL Husker Values

To the Campus Community,

We desire and are committed to being an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming community at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This website is an important mechanism to allow any member of our community to report an incident of bias at UNL. We have found that early reporting and attention to issues that may raise concern is the best approach, either to address an issue or to resolve a misunderstanding. I encourage you to use this website to assist us when incidents of bias are observed, even though at the same time I hope that such use occurs out of necessity very rarely!

 Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D.
Twentieth Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Show Your Respect – How to Report Bias Incidents

UNL strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the UNL community, our alumni and visitors.  We also realize that bias can and does occur on campus as well as in the larger community.  In order to respond to perceived and actual bias incidents when they occur, it is important to have a place where members of the UNL community can report incidents they witness or experience. The online bias report form was developed so individuals can choose to report an incident online or in person by contacting one of the individuals on the bias response team.

Our goal is to provide a means for individuals to share their experiences and receive a response when requested about their report. We have to know what is happening in order to respond to it. We also want to encourage individuals, departments and organizations to continue developing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.  Information about creating inclusive environments can be found on the LGBTQA Resource Center web pages: http://involved.unl.edu/navigating-campus-culture

We also encourage individuals to learn about and participate in the Show Your Red Character campaign, which emphasizes the building blocks for integrity: dependability, commitment, respect, caring, being open-minded and good citizenship.

To report an incident, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Websters Dictionary defines bias as

an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment